New! Tynker Classroom Introduced at ISTE2014

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New! Tynker Classroom Introduced at ISTE2014

Tynker is being featured as a hot ed tech company this weekend in Atlanta!  In less than a year, over 10,000 schools have used Tynker’s easy to use web-based creative computing platform to teach programming, and over 8 million students have started learning to code with Tynker.

blog subtitle 1Programming is rapidly gaining importance as a skill kids need to become tomorrow’s innovators and creators. Tynker has earned a reputation as the easy way for kids to learn programming with an engaging, game-like, learn-on-your-own approach – recommended by parents, homeschoolers, teachers – and kids.

With Tynker, teachers can teach the way they want, and no programming experience is required.  Schools and districts that recognize the need to rapidly accelerate integration blog subtitle 2of programming skills into their academic programs are diving right in and adopting Tynker.  Evaluation of Tynker across the country has led to similar conclusions – Tynker’s flexibility conveniently addresses a wide variety of school and district needs and challenges when integrating programming skills into established academic programs.  Palo Alto Unified School District, and others, are leading the way with their district-wide adoptions of Tynker. “Tynker was the perfect choice.  The flexibility of the Premium multi-grade-level curriculum to support both formal programming and project-based learning ensures wide adoption by our teachers,” states Ann Dunkin, CTO of PAUSD.

With ready-to-use lesson plans for each grade, covering programming concepts from beginner to advanced, plus time-saving teacher tools and the ability to easily measure performance across the district, Tynker School/District is easily the best value.  As stated by Minnetonka’s Assistant Superintendent of Instruction, Eric Schneider, “Tynker’s teacher-dashboard gives teachers a clear picture of how each student is performing.  This is important to us because very few of our 370 K-5 teachers are experts in computer programming.  The dashboard gives our teachers the confidence to embrace this new curriculum in a way that sets us up for success.”

blog subtitle 3If a school or district has not yet adopted Tynker, an individual teacher can easily get access to a ready-to-use lesson plan and teacher tools with Tynker Classroom, launched this weekend at ISTE2014.  Tynker Classroom includes  a 12-week ready-to-use lesson plan, built-in tutoring, student assessments, a gradebook, and several time-saving tools, for up to 30 students for a year.  “Tynker Classroom offers teachers the opportunity to be successful, fast.  It’s especially useful for teachers who perhaps have wanted to do more with programming in the classroom, but do not have time to prepare lesson plans or think about how to use programming to support core standards.  Tynker Classroom will give them what they need  to get started, including comprehensive teacher dashboards, ‘right out of the box’,”  states Kevin Elgan, Tynker’s Director of School Marketing.

blog subtitle 4Tynker is giving teachers a 25% limited-time discount on a Tynker Classroom purchase made by credit card via Tynker’s website.  Just click on this link to learn more, and to receive special pricing at checkout (discounted price will be confirmed on the payment page) through July 31, 2014.


Tynker enables children to learn computer programming in a fun and imaginative way. More than 60 million kids worldwide have started learning to code using Tynker.


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