The Best of the 2018 Tynker Summer Code-A-Thon

The Best of the 2018 Tynker Summer Code-A-Thon

The Best of the 2018 Tynker Summer Code-A-Thon

This summer’s second annual Code-A-Thon was a huge success! Our amazing users coded projects following themes like “Create a Pet Game” “Change the World” and “Create a Boss Battle.” Over the course of 6 weeks, we received 26,514 project submissions and featured 120 winners – we were blown away by the depth and breadth of projects we saw. Everyone was welcome to participate – some users published their first project as a submission to the Code-A-Thon!

Young makers are catching onto the vision of coding as a creative endeavor – they’re using it as an art medium and a way to spread their messages! That’s why as we looked at each project and selected the best of the best, we evaluated them based on the quality of their code, but also using metrics like artwork, originality, and overall function.

We set themes to encourage kids – even coding beginners – to step outside their comfort zones and put their coding skills to the test by creating tutorials, stories, activities, and more. Our users enjoyed diving in and tackling themes week by week! From designing games about how to reduce trash to teaching us how to be a good babysitter, kids’ contributions to Tynker’s Code-A-Thon helped foster creativity and community while preventing summer slide. Check out the top 10 best projects of the summer here!

1. Nobility (Fixed) (STRATEGY GAME) by Early World

This is one of the best strategy games we’ve seen on Tynker! You have to manage resources carefully to win.

2. Plane dodger by OneEyedGoat

Play as a superhero flying through the sky. Don’t get hit by the airplanes!

3. (K) Night Moves by Numerous Zoo

This chess minigame challenges you to get the knight to the goal spot with as few moves as possible. The most impressive part of this game is that it prevents the player from moving the knight incorrectly.

4. Thingy Bossfight by Panoramic Deal

Your character follows your mouse – move around to keep it safe from the falling objects!

5. Andromeda Jax Cluster Demo by Frightening Waterbottle

Get past the aliens in this outer space–themed boss battle. Defeat all the aliens to move onto the next level!

6. Cat Dash by TheWooperKing

In this game, play as a leopard running through a city. Avoid all the obstacles by jumping with the spacebar.

7. Just like fire//TMV (tynker music video) by Idealistic Soccer

This user animated a full music video for the song “Just Like Fire” by P!nk. Users enjoyed this project and gave it plenty of Likes!

8. Bogo Ball by Subtle Cafeteria

This game will test your reflexes. Press the up arrow to jump over the barriers, and press the down arrow to duck below them.

9. Famether Boss: Stage 3 by princessellagirly

This user created a fight between a dragon and a character on a magic carpet.

10. Cat Hero Clicker by Fond Muffin

This elaborate cat-themed clicker game lets you earn cat fans, which you can exchange for items in the shop.


With Tynker’s Code-A-Thon, kids worked toward a goal each week, fostering ingenuity and new ideas. This summer, they were given the educational tools they needed, and they gained motivation and excitement at the prospect of winning.

Validating kids’ ideas kept them excited about their goals and encouraged them to continue coding, keeping them up to speed on math, writing abilities, and logical thinking in preparation to return to school.

As your kids anxiously await next summer’s Code-A-Thon, supplement their transition back to school with Tynker’s easy, fun approach to coding!

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