Coding Adventures Launched on Kickstarter

Coding Adventures Launched on Kickstarter

Our vision is to enable kids to make anything they imagine. Build games. Publish apps. Command drones and robots. Control hardware and toys. To do this, kids need to be motivated to learn the basics of programming. Tynker’s fun and 3easy approach has introduced more than 23 million kids to programming.  Now, we’ve made the learning experience even more fun and engaging with our new Tynker Coding Adventures.

 We are launching them on Kickstarter to get your support!


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Our best offers end May 3.

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These Adventures are exclusively available on Kickstarter up to 50% off.  Our best offers end May 3, so buy early and save! We’re counting on your financial pledge to create the most engaging programming experience for kids.

Everyone gets 200 coding puzzles just for pledging!  Share our campaign with your friends. Show your kids our immersive game-world experience and what they can create. We want to motivate more kids to learn programming and we can only do that with your support.

NEW! Tynker Coding Adventures

Our new game worlds are cleverly designed to teach kids programming as they solve puzzles and complete missions. Each Adventure is a 16-week online programming course that enables kids to make their own games and publish directly to mobile devices.

Goblin Quest, Turing's Tower, Glitch Manor


Goblin Quest

Players ages 10+ (and younger kids with programming experience) will be summoned into a magical realm to defeat the Goblin King. In this classic nintendo-styled role-playing game, kids create their own top-down games with expansive, open worlds. Learn intermediate to advanced programming concepts with every new encounter. Master coding skills such as parallax scrolling, object sensing, cloning, and physics to create custom games. 

Gif Goblin Battle



Turing’s Tower

A platformer game where players ages 10+ traverse a steampunk-styled game world to collect parts to repair a flying castle, and learn to build their own custom platformers. Skills learned: basic to intermediate programming concepts such as functions, variables, parameters and angles.

Turing's Tower Animation Gif


Glitch Manor

A mystery adventure game where players ages 6-9 solve mysteries, unlock hidden rooms and defeat enemies as they explore a haunted mansion and build mini-games. Skills learned: basic programming concepts such as loops, conditionals, events and simple animation.

Glitch Manor Zombie


And Even More Fun With Our New Tools (Creativity 2.0!)

Make top-down worlds for your games using the new top-down tiles in the Level Editor. Make your own custom RPG with hundreds of fun and unique characters using the Character Creator.

Building a Moat Gif


Thank you in advance for your support. Special introductory pricing available only on Kickstarter through May 31, 2015.

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Tynker enables children to learn computer programming in a fun and imaginative way. More than 60 million kids worldwide have started learning to code using Tynker.