Five Kids Who Will Inspire You And The Young Makers in Your Life

Five Kids Who Will Inspire You And The Young Makers in Your Life

Five Kids Who Will Inspire You And The Young Makers in Your Life

Hailing from all around the United States (and the world!), our Featured Makers begin their coding journeys in many different ways. They discover us through enthusiastic teachers, supportive parents, or all on their own; we discover them as we approve each project for the Tynker community! Each week we share the profile of a child whose projects we’re especially impressed by. Some create projects that are artistically stunning and others write complex code – and all of the makers we feature inspire us with their hard work and dedication! Will your child be next?

Our Featured Makers all have big dreams and the determination to achieve them – among these five Featured Makers we have a future Ph.D., an entrepreneur and designer, a competition winner, a future (and current, of course) programmer, and a kindness advocate. Read on to discover who’s who and catch a glimpse of some incredible kids who are coding up a storm!

Kindness Advocate: Layla, 6th grade, California

Kids spread kindness in the Tynker community; one of the first to code projects about kindness and respect was ten-year-old Layla. She was inspired at school and chose Tynker as the platform to spread her message. She told us, My school had a program about being leaders, so I wanted other people to be leaders and show respect to others. I started posting projects about respect and other people did it too.” Not only does Layla create projects advocating for a better world, but she codes projects full of tips for fellow Tynkerers!

Encourage your children and students to use Tynker to spread kindness!

Future CS Ph.D.: Aidan, 5th grade, South Carolina

Tenacity and passion are great characteristics for young coders, and it turns out eleven-year-old Aidan is chock-full of both! During our interview, he showed us a huge LEGO project he’s working on and said, “This one has 2793 pieces. I was building it all of yesterday, and I only got two-thirds of the way done. I was working all day since I woke up!” Aidan has big dreams—he plans on a PhD in CS! In his words, “I want to do something to do with Computer Science. Thanks to Tynker, I have a head start!”

Learn all about how kids can integrate toys (like Aidan’s LEGOs) into their Tynker experience!

Coding Competition Champion: Danielle, 6th grade, Alabama

Get ready to be impressed: this maker has taken coding with Tynker to a whole other level, winning local coding competitions with her Tynker projects! Eleven-year-old Danielle’s coding career has already taken off – in addition to entering competitions, she’s assisted her teacher in presenting Tynker activities to her class, and has even been interviewed on TV! When asked why she loves to code, Danielle said, “Because I get to – I don’t know how to word this – to give fun to the world.”

Strong Girl in STEM: Scout, 8th grade, Australia

Every girl deserves to feel welcome and included in the STEM world, and fourteen-year-old Scout is helping to craft a future in which women in STEM is the norm. Scout is involved in a club supporting coding for girls in her community, has taught herself Python, and has a deep understanding of the importance of learning coding. According to her, “I definitely think that lots of people should try to get involved – it’s so important! At my school, there’s not much coding, so people should try to take advantage of all the opportunities that are given.”

How can we empower girls in STEM? Help them become makers!

Budding Game Designer: Anthony, 5th grade, Illinois

Every Tynker user has their own reason to code and can relate coding to their dreams for their futures, whether those dreams include CS or not. For Anthony, Computer Science gives him the tools to follow his passion—gaming! He aspires to open a massive gaming center his father used to own, and even wants to design games himself. According to Anthony, “I think every kid in the world should code! It’s so fun, and it gets your brain thinking. Why not have no school and just code all day? Same thing, right? It gets your brain thinking!”

When you give your children and students a bit of inspiration and access to tools that teach, you provide them with a world of possibilities. How will the kids in your life use Tynker to materialize creativity and follow their dreams? We can’t wait to see what they come up with!

Stay connected with the Tynker community to share, learn, and share some more! Check us out on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Happy coding!

Tynker enables children to learn computer programming in a fun and imaginative way. More than 60 million kids worldwide have started learning to code using Tynker.

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