Community Highlights: September 5 – 11

Community Highlights: September 5 – 11

Tynker Community Highlights: September 5 – 11

Here are a few of the coolest projects submitted to the Tynker mobile community this past week. To see all projects, just download the Tynker app for your iPad or Android tablet and click on the “Community” section.

Minecraft World Generator: This project uses uploaded images to generate a Minecraft world. Each time you refresh the page, your new world will be slightly different!

A complete waste of time: We loved this project because—despite the simplicity of the game (you just click on smileys to spawn new smileys)—it’s surprisingly addictive and you’ll want to keep clicking. Plus, the smileys that the creator has made are super funny and well-made.

Circle Wars – V1.0: This project is made by a user who’s made a bunch of featured projects. You need to only eat green circles and avoid the red circles. Watch out, your score can go negative if you eat too many red ones!

One of the coolest stories we saw on Twitter this week was STEM Coordinator (and Tynker teacher) Daniel Rezac’s post about what happened when he asked his students to do a “Who Am I?” exercise.

The STEM program in Talawanda, Ohio has also been using Tynker in some really cool ways. They had their fifth graders create integrated science projects in Tynker and conduct peer evaluations on each others’ projects!

And young learners at Allamanda Elementary School in Palm Beach County have been using the Candy Quest puzzles on the Tynker app to gain computational thinking skills!

We love to see what the Tynker community is up to! Please share your projects and achievements on Twitter and Facebook and tag us!

Tynker enables children to learn computer programming in a fun and imaginative way. More than 60 million kids worldwide have started learning to code using Tynker.

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