Community Highlights: October 31 – November 6

Community Highlights: October 31 – November 6

Community Highlights: October 31 – November 6

We had a really hard time deciding which featured projects to share with you this week. There have been a ton of amazing ones and I hope you peruse even more of them by downloading the free Tynker app for Android tablets and iPads! A couple of the cool trends have been projects about treating each other with respect, as well as some really impressive 3D and drawing programs using math.

Projects of the Week

Respect~K©: This animated storytelling project beautifully illustrates the importance of treating people with respect.

Respect: This project demonstrates that being respectful can make someone’s day–and being disrespectful can really hurt people’s feelings.

Mandala: In this cool project, you choose a number of slices into which you will divide the screen, then when you draw, it’s mirrored across as many pieces as you’ve created.

Remix This Project

3D running square chick: An awesome rotating 3D chicken! This project was made by a 4th grader in San Francisco named Julian.

School Roleplay: In this game, you make choices throughout a school day, like whether to pay attention in class and whether to lie to your mom about how your day went.

Tynker in the News

Tynker showed up in an article called “4 Modern Tech Skills Every Teacher Should Have.”

Daniel Rezac, a Tynker teacher, produced a wonderful video about why he loves teaching with Tynker. In addition to being a STEM Coordinator, Mr. Rezac is a Chicagoan whose students have been making some awesome Cubs-themed Tynker projects (which you should should also check out here, here and here).

Top Tweets

Make sure you download the Tynker app for your Android tablet or iPad for free to join the Tynker Community and publish your own projects!



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