Community Highlights: October 3 – 9

Community Highlights: October 3 – 9

Community Highlights: October 3 – 9

We’ve seen so many cool things this past week in the Maker Community.

Featured Makers

We started our Featured Maker program a few months back in order to showcase some of the incredible kids from around the world who make awesome games, storytelling projects, animations, and more using Tynker. We’ve interviewed kids and their parents everywhere from Utah and Arkansas to Spain, Australia, and Bangalore. You can read some of these interviews here.

Here are a few quotes from kids and their parents:

What’s your favorite feature in Tynker? I use coding as a storytelling outlet, so probably the ways that you can make your own characters. – Kareyn, Age 12, Texas

Why do you like to code? Because it’s fun and it’s like a problem solving situation. So, like, sometimes you have to mess around with numbers because something’s too big or it’s not running smoothly or it’s going too fast or too slow. Once you get it right, it feels really good. – Max, Age 11, Chicago

What would you like to be able to make in Tynker? A Pokemon game. I don’t know how to make that yet, but I want to. I’d also like to make my own version of Tynker or make tutorials inside of Tynker. – Bryce, Age 8, Kansas

One of the things [Benji] was having a problem with was math, so having to do the math involved in making a game and adding a score, multiplying for points, and different things like that, I think it’s helped him a lot. – Thomas, Father of Benji, Age, 11, Texas

Why do you like making games? Because other people can see them and play them. I like giving to other people. – Christopher, Age 10, California

Why do you like coding? Because I get to use my imagination. – Dea, Age 7, Massachusetts

Projects of the Week

“The rope”: Kira, who is also one of our featured makers and has already made a ton of really beautiful animations, built another masterpiece.

“rainbow 2.0”: This cool art project draws mesmerizing shapes on the screen.

Tynker in the News had a short piece on a teacher who was awarded an Infosys grant. She’s one of almost 1,000 teachers in high-needs schools across the country who will have the opportunity to use Tynker’s premium programming curriculum for free thanks to this program.

Top Tweets

Hope you all have a great week!

Tynker enables children to learn computer programming in a fun and imaginative way. More than 60 million kids worldwide have started learning to code using Tynker.

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