Community Highlights October 15-October 21

Community Highlights October 15-October 21

             Community Highlights: October 15 – October 21

Every Monday we give you the best and brightest of our Tynker community, from fun projects like Face-Painter Halloween to the exciting announcement of our 2018 Hour of Code offering for teachers! Learn more about what’s going on in the Tynker community by reading our weekly highlights below!

Projects of the Week

Survive the Night by Rasticepro

Survive the night by dodging the opposition and protect yourself using the abilities, like a barrier, to ward off enemies!


Remix This Project

City Builder Demo by briefmagician773

Build up your own city and level up using the coins that you have made with the lemonade stand and your small store to start off.


Remix This Project

Flight of Destiny by zwoodruff

Soar through the air and dodge the airplanes and clouds to successfully fly high in the sky!


Remix This Project


Face-Painter Halloween by shoddypraise275

In the spirit of Halloween, this user made it so you can face-paint your own character into any scary monster you like!


Remix This Project

Fruit Ninja 1 by rexfury2010

Chop the fruit into many pieces in this slice-n-dice arcade game! Choose your difficulty and even visit the shop in this interactive game!

Remix This Project

 Tweets of the Week

We’re excited to hear from our friends in Spain about how they used Tynker this week!

So excited to see teachers syncing Google Classroom and Tynker!

Kids are excited about Barbie, robotics engineer edition!

Check out how Tykner fosters collaboration in the classroom!

Wow! We’re stoked to see kids using Tynker as a way to measure science knowledge!

On the Blog

Time to amp up Hour of Code with Tynker’s teacher resources!

Check our Featured Maker Alex’s animal-inspired projects like “Life of a Worm.” Alex thinks all school subjects are fun! Enjoying multiple subjects is one way to prepare for a bright future.

Wondering how kids with artistic talent can use coding to strengthen their skills and prepare for the future? Learn more about how kids can fuse their artistic and tech talents! According to Bridget Goodbody, an art historian and critic and CEO of Artistic Intelligence, “Technology and design are the heart of the new creative economy. Students need a solid education on both fronts to compete.”

Our Featured School this week is Lydiksen Elementary School, where students are using Tynker to better understand STEM concepts! As teacher Linda Wu puts it, “Learning how to use technology tools effectively and ethically is a component of 21st century learning and is reflected in the Common Core State Standards.”

Tynker enables children to learn computer programming in a fun and imaginative way. More than 60 million kids worldwide have started learning to code using Tynker.

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