Community Highlights: May 19 – May 25

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Community Highlights: May 19 – May 25

Community Highlights: May 19 – May 25

We hope everyone had a great long weekend! It’s time for our favorite part of the week – recapping what the Tynker community has been up to. This week we saw really creative projects with incredible art. Don’t miss the opportunity to run your own juice stand, play air hockey (in the air!) or play a game as a rat!

Projects of the Week

Speedy Juicer Game! by moerickson

This game lets you run your own juice stand and sell juice blends to customers. Make sure you follow the recipe!

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Star wars battle attack by Nova evo

Play as a Rebel X-wing fighter pilot and fend off the Imperial TIE fighters!

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Air hocky by Aware Hurricane

Play air hockey in the air against an AI opponent.

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jet pack rat by Cautious Cottage

You are a rat with a jetpack! Use your jetpack to collect the cheese without being hit by the exterminator’s poison.

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Super Math Quiz by benson14

This quiz will put your mental math skills to the test!

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Tweets of the Week

This student-created game is the most impressive one this teacher has ever seen!

This student’s game responds to user input.

This class is having a blast flying drones!

Nice – this class learned all about algorithms.

These kids look focused as they program characters in Tynker!

This class is using Tynker for arcade games based on Greek myths – so creative!

Such a great example of peer teaching and peer learning!

On the Blog

This week’s Featured Makers were Braden and Gabriel. Braden discovered Tynker per the recommendation of one of his friends. He told us, “I love to code because it allows me to make whatever I want – the sky’s the limit!” Gabriel is another really impressive maker; he’s been coding with Tynker (and loving it!) for four years! 

Our latest Women in STEM is Hedy Lamarr, a movie star whose invention paved the way to WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS.


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