Community Highlights May 18-24

Community Highlights May 18-24

Community Highlights: May 18-24

We’re excited this week to have announced the winners of the Design a Mission Patch challenge–Ishhaq Ziyam, Madison Morgan, Paxton Summers, Teng Wei Rui, and Neal Apte! We also had the opportunity to speak with Blue Ribbon Educator Yuang Teck Teo, whose student is Teng Wei Rui. Read on to learn more about the exciting projects and events happening in the Tynker community!

Projects of the Week

IH0sf by siugeb 

Choose your decisions carefully and try to escape this haunting prison!

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Starship Fighter by Ingenious Studios

Choose your laser to fire at the enemy alien ships trying to destroy you!

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Survive the Night by Rasticebmd

Dodge the zombies and buy your fortifications to help you avoid them! Save up some energy for heavy protection!

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Cookie Collector by greenbirds64

Collect your cookies! You have your own but you must collect all the ones that spawn. You can upgrade as you collect more cookies!

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Emoji Dress Up by Ixabelle

Dress up this emoji with all the wonderful accessories! These accessories have cool animation code!

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Tweets of the Week

One of the Design a Mission Patch challenge winners, Teng Wei Rui, lives in Malaysia. A local news station covered his story! Via Twitter @drezac

Blue Ribbon Educator Lisa Sato teaches students about Greek mythology with Tynker! Via Twitter @maimaisato

Have some coding fun outside with drones! Via Twitter @StJosephsCPS

Learn more about Paxton Summers, who lives in Maryland and won the Design a Mission Patch Challenge! Via Twitter @Metro_Spaceport

On the Blog

Tynker Blue Ribbon Educator Teo Yuang Teck’s student is Teng Wei Rui! Yuang Teck told us why learning to code is important for students in Malaysia!

We’re so excited to announce all the winners of the Design a Mission Patch Challenge!

Featured Maker Shaan is getting future-ready by learning how to code: “I’d like to make robots someday, robots that actually act like humans. I’d like to code robots to help someone who is sick.”

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