Community Highlights: June 22-28

Community Highlights: June 22-28

Community Highlights: June 22-28

We love checking out all the great projects from our Tynker users! Last week, we had two Featured Makers, Mari and Alfred, who both get inspiration for Tynker projects from things they encounter in their world. Blue Ribbon Educator Anna Blake makes coding accessible to students, and teachers are using Tynker to help students learn to code! Read on to learn more.

Projects of the Week

Skate Board 2 by nightslasher132

Ever wanted to learn how to skateboard? This user created an intuitive skating game where you can even go on the rails!

Escape School by Pearl Jones

Help the character escape school and enjoy friends, family, and the beautiful summer weather!

A Hero’s Journey by Nathan

Guide your hero and fight through the villains! Collect stars and hearts along the way to lengthen your time.

Penguin Run by madmax3

Move as one unit! Defeat the minions before trying your strength against the big boss. Collect all the treasures you can find.

Brick Smashers Extreme by Ningo

Get rid of all the bricks and watch out for the increasing speed of the ball!

Tweets of the Week

This student is learning Python with Tynker! Via Twitter @eduappsandmore

Check out how these students are using Tynker to practice teamwork! Via Twitter @ehlmstech

We had a blast at ISTE 2019 and enjoyed meeting so many amazing educators! Watch these ISTE teachers having fun with micro:bit! Via Twitter @drezac

On the Blog

Featured Maker Mari codes projects about dogs and loves Minecraft!

Tynker Blue Ribbon Educator Anna Blake uses Tynker to make coding accessible to all students, including those with learning challenges.

Featured Maker Alfred gets inspiration for his Tynker projects from other apps and loves creating games with his friends!

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