Community Highlights: June 1st-June 7th

Community Highlights: June 1st-June 7th

Community Highlights: June 1st-7th

This week, we’ve seen a variety of different projects from the Tynker community, and we’re excited to see how students are using Tynker as the school year wraps up for many schools. On our blog we’ve featured Sharmila Bhattacharya, a NASA scientist who uses bioscience to power space exploration; Featured Maker Xavier, an avid learner of various programming languages; and Blue Ribbon Educator Sue Hartman, an inspiring teacher who brings learning to life with code and drones! Read on to learn more about what’s happened in your community of coders this week.

Projects of the Week

Fireclan: The Lost Dawn by Alaina

Go through the story of these creatures and learn about them. You can travel through the map; just make sure you click on the paw print on the bottom left or right to continue!

Harry Potter Quiddiich by Cas

You can be the seeker, chaser or beater! Choose your role and do it to the best of your ability.

ULOVI MIŠI by piercinglock755

Try to catch all the mice and rack up as many points as you can before the dog gets to you!

Talking Amy by PinkyDoggy

Bake some cookies with this awesome animation and share your hobbies with Amy!

Spider-string by thinkablethesaurus924

You’re a very hungry spider trying to survive and escape the swatters. Try to capture every fly to gain points!

Tweets of the Week

Paxton Summers, one of the 5 winners of the Design a Mission Patch Challenge, was featured in the news! Via Twitter @GW_Partnership

School is wrapping up for many students, and coding with Tynker is a great note to end the year on. Via Twitter @karenpf02

Check out how these second graders are learning to code! Via Twitter @PelletierASDE

On the Blog

Blue Ribbon Educator Sue Hartman brings learning to life as she teaches her students to code with Tynker!

Featured Maker Xavier loves to learn programming languages! He knows that this is a crucial skill: “We’re moving into a digital age where computers are used a lot more. It’s useful to know a language that computers can read so you know how they understand it and you can make things that they can actually read.”

This month’s Woman in STEM is Sharmila Bhattacharya, who is making human spaceflight possible as a scientist for NASA! Her work helps us understand how human bodies respond to conditions in space (such as gravity and intense radiation) so we can get ready to go to the Moon, Mars, and beyond.

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