Community Highlights January 14th-January 21st

Community Highlights January 14th-January 21st

Community Highlights January 14th-21st

We saw a lot of examples this week of kids learning how to code! As always, we’re proud to feature several top projects and tweets this week! And if you’re asking yourself, “Who are some examples of female startup founders?” or “How do I teach my child about loops?”, read on!

Projects of the Week

Snowball War by Brodie

Protect your snow fort by using the three defensive moves! Tip: The aerial enemies require a specific move to vanquish them.

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Space War 1.4 1 by fairmuseum165

Shoot the enemy spaceships with your interchangeable lasers! Defend yourself from the firefight!

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Yetles Smash Bros by AquaFruity Games

Use your abilities to eliminate your enemy! Prove your worth against your opposition and then utilize your ultimate ability!

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Ping Pong! by maadam

No matter what difficulty you choose, it’s still hard! Outlast the opposition in this game of reflex and wit!

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Bob 4 The Accident by welloffmoney568

Follow this interactive story and determine the fate of Bob! Go through the steps needed. Careful, you may have to start over if you fail or choose the wrong decision!

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Tweets of the Week

We’re excited to see how students are showcasing their Tynker projects on the board in front of the class, demonstrating communication skills!

These 4th graders are working together to build games with Tynker!

Students at St Joseph’s School help each other program drones!

These students are getting ready for Martin Luther King Jr. Day with our MLK project!

Coding courses and activities help Edgerton students build key competencies!

On the Blog

Imagine having to repeat an instruction to someone over and over! Wouldn’t it be easier to say, “Repeat action X times,” or “Repeat until X happens?” That’s why we have loops in computer programming!

Featured Maker Nila shares her perspective on the broadcast block: “My favorite code block would probably be the broadcast block because it’s like starting a conversation. It’s like, the center of attention, like your brain, you’re sending a message from one thing to another!”

Evelyn Berezin defied gender discrimination in the 1960s and founded her own tech startup! Her company, Redactron, created one of the first word processors.

Xay Saysana is a Blue Ribbon Educator! Coding at Buffalo Trail Public Schools got started when Saysana and co-Innovation Coach Heather Rentz asked: “How could we get the students to demonstrate learning without a worksheet or poster-board?”

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