The World is Changing: Is Your School Ready? [Infographic]

The World is Changing: Is Your School Ready? [Infographic]

The World is Changing: Is Your School Ready? 

We’re Going to Need Coders 

Name a career, and chances are that some form of automation or algorithm is having an effect on it. From retail and manufacturing to fast food and stock picking – even writing and journalism – jobs are changing. To prepare for this future, we’re going to need more coders. Robot ice cream makers? Pizza chefs? Lawyers? Baristas? We know that cars and trucks are already getting the automated treatment, but if you can name a job with a repetitive task, there’s an algorithm doing it today. 

Robot barista? Who is going to program them?

The Good News? Millions of New Opportunities

The news about automation can seem intense, but the good news is that, according to a report from Forrester Research via Marketwatch, we’re going to be gaining 15 million new jobs in the next decade in “software, engineering, design, maintenance, support, training, and more.” And while we will be losing many more jobs to automation, the roadmap for tech-related positions is wide open. Almost half of current high paying positions include some coding skill. That’s a big deal. 

The opportunity to excel in this economy is huge for those students who get the right education and the right training starting at an early age.

Parents Demand Computer Science 

There’s a huge disconnect between the perceived demand for computer science and the actual demand from parents. According to a recent Gallup/Google poll, 90% of parents want computer science offered in schools. However, the data suggests that schools don’t appear to be hearing the demand from parents, or school leaders say that there is just too much focus on standardized testing or other classes to address the demand for a coding education.
We created an infographic to highlight some of the latest trends and the need for Computer Science education. All sources are at the bottom of the page. All data is U.S. data. 


“90% of Parents want CS offered in Schools.” 
Job Market:
“1.4 million unfilled jobs / 400,000K CS Grads” 
“The Median Salary of a Software Developer.” 
“Half of all high-paying jobs require some coding skill.”
“There are currently 523,872 open computing jobs.”


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Daniel Rezac is the Education Community Manager at Tynker. He's been a science teacher, a technology coach, STEAM Coordinator, and school Tech Director working with students from Pre-K to adults. Feel free to reach out to him at daniel [at]

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