Webinar: Tynker + Flipgrid – Building Community with Code

Webinar: Tynker + Flipgrid – Building Community with Code

Flipgrid and Tynker: Building Community Through Code! 

Join hundreds of thousands of teachers from around the world to celebrate Computer Science and engage in the tools of the present and future for National Coding Week! This week, we’re partnering with Flipgrid to show teachers how to integrate amazing community content into our FREE coursework!

About National Coding Week
National Coding Week is a volunteer-led organization founded in 2014. It aims to help build people’s confidence and skills by encouraging volunteers to run fun and engaging digital events.
Follow Along: You can track the progress of National Coding week by searching the Twitter hashtag  #nationalcodingweek.

Want 3 Free Coding Courses? Register for this Webinar!

When you register for our Flipgrid/Tynker webinar, we’ll show you how to access Tynker’s 3 FREE Tynker courses. We’ll also show you how we integrate Tynker’s custom-made Flipgrid topics (part of the Disco Library) directly into our classroom coding content! 

Free Webinar: How to Make National Coding Week Awesome 

September 16th – 20th is National Coding Week! This webinar invites educators that love Flipgrid and who are passionate about Computer Science to experience how Tynker integrates their FREE coding courses directly with Flipgrid’s frictionless community platform.

In this session teachers will: 

  • Get access to 3 FREE Tynker Courses and dozens of FREE projects
  • Experience how Tynker’s Flipgrid “Disco Library” topics integrate into their FREE lessons
  • Connect with educators from all over the world who share a passion for Tynker, coding, and Flipgrid!

Register Now!

When?  3 times starting Sept. 19th, 10am CT through October 29th. 

Can’t make the webinar?

Register anyway! We’ll send you numerous resources, in addition to help you get our list to get our Projects of the Week. We have everything you need to run a successful National Coding Week in one place. If you’re not signed up for Tynker, go to www.tynker.com/#/join/teacher to join as a teacher (best if using your Google Account)!

The Benefits of Tynker

There are many coding tools out there, but only Tynker has everything you need in one place. Why is that? With Tynker’s platform, any teacher can teach coding, and any student can learn. Not only does Tynker have 3 FREE courses, there are dozens of free projects and templates, as well as a complete mastery curriculum with 600+ hours of standards-based content! Our attention to mastery and diversity of content is not matched!


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Tynker enables children to learn computer programming in a fun and imaginative way. More than 60 million kids worldwide have started learning to code using Tynker.