We Had a Blast at Minefaire 2016!

We Had a Blast at Minefaire 2016!

We Had a Blast at Minefaire 2016!

We spent the weekend in Philadelphia for Minefaire 2016, an a huge convention for Minecraft fans. Kids were incredibly excited about modding and making resources with Tynker.


Kids loved trying their hand at modding with Tynker’s easy-to-use modding platform. And parents loved the opportunity to channel their kids’ passion for Minecraft into excitement about coding! You can make your own skins and resources here.


Many kids and parents were waiting in line for 30 minutes or more to get into our booth to try out modding with Tynker. Once they started, it was hard to tear them away!


Minecraft fans especially loved our raining cake mod, where you make it rain cake from the sky with just four lines of code–kids even made the mod their own by making it rain creepers, anvils, and ocelots as well. And, as always, explosions were very much a crowd favorite.

Tynker also had the opportunity to present on the main stage on both Saturday and Sunday, demonstrating how kids can use Tynker to mod Minecraft and make skins and resource packs.

Many thanks to the Minefaire team for hosting such an awesome experience–as well as all the parents, kids, teachers, and Minecraft fans who came out! We hope to see you all again next year!

Interested in learning to mod Minecraft with Tynker? Check out our intuitive modding tools and fun modding courses!

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