Build a Memory Game

Turing's Tower Memory Game
Build a Memory Game

Kids love playing games — all kinds of games! Here’s another sneak peek you can share with your kids, so they’ll experience the variety of games they can make as they explore each game world.

Memory Game

Built with Turing’s Tower

Instructions: Click and drag a present onto another one. See if you can match the candies inside.

(For best experience, use a desktop computer and mouse or trackpad)

Players can learn to build this game and many, many more as they explore the steampunk-styled game world and collect parts to repair a flying castle. More “sneak peek” games from other Coding Adventure game worlds coming soon!

Programming concepts learned when building this game

  • Global variables
  • Local variables
  • Positioning using X,Y coordinates
  • Messaging between objects
  • Conditional logic


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