Build your own top-down RPG

Build your own top-down RPG

In Tynker’s Coding Adventures, as kids explore each game world they will have the opportunity to build different types of games. Here’s another sneak peek you can share with your kids, so they can experience the variety of the games they’ll get to make.  In each world there are 16 games to build, so we have lots more to share in the coming weeks!

Top-down RPG (role-playing game)

Built with Goblin Quest

Arrow keys to move. A, S, and D, keys to fight. Explore the area and collect loot!

(works best on a desktop computer where you can use the keyboard to play)

In Goblin Quest, players will explore a magical realm and program battles with the Goblin king and his hoard. They’ll learn intermediate to advanced programming concepts with every new encounter.

Programming concepts learned when building this game

  • Variables
  • Top-down level creation
  • Using physics commands
  • Using functions
  • Conditional logic


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