Educators, Get Started with Tynker using the Google Kickstart Guide!

Kickstart Tynker
Educators, Get Started with Tynker using the Google Kickstart Guide!

Google Play for Education is making a splash in the educational marketplace today as a hub for innovative teacher tools, and Tynker is proud to be one of them.

Because prep time is precious, Google has launched a series of App Kickstart Guides to help teachers get up and running in as little as 15 minutes. The guides, which can be used by classroom teachers or technology coordinators as a professional development tool, explain app functionality and demonstrate how to incorporate the app into instruction.

If you are using Android tablets in the classroom, Tynker’s Kickstart Guide shows you:

  • how Tynker works on a tablet to make learning to code fun and easy
  • ways that Tynker supports Math and ELA common core standards
  • how to manage students and classes across all devices

Incorporating Tynker into instruction is easy, and doesn’t require a lot of heavy lifting. Kids can jump into the puzzles, learn on their own, and at their own pace. They can remix our game kits and create their own stories and animated projects. And because Tynker projects support all academic areas, you can integrate Tynker into math, history, geography, language arts and science.

Tablets are a wonderful complement to Tynker’s online curriculum, so if you are already using our web-based platform, and have access to tablets (we love and support iPads, too!), remember that students can easily learn, create, and sync projects under a single student account.

Thanks, Google, for providing great resources for educators!

Teachers, register for Google Education on Air, a free online conference, and tune into “Kickstart Your App-titude” for tips on getting started with Tynker.

Tynker enables children to learn computer programming in a fun and imaginative way. More than 60 million kids worldwide have started learning to code using Tynker.

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