The Tynker Community Forum: Finally, a Place Where Teachers Talk Code

The Tynker Community Forum: Finally, a Place Where Teachers Talk Code

The Tynker Community Forum: Finally, a Place Where Teachers Talk Code!

As an educator, finding time to get your questions answered is always a challenge. Often, you only have a short amount of time to answer emails, or your prep time is full with helping students. We get that. That’s why many educators have resorted to using Twitter or Facebook to connect with like-minded teachers to get their questions answered.

Unfortunately, we’re not all on Facebook or Twitter. This is why we’ve created the Tynker Community Forum! What are the benefits of this community?

  • Share code-bits and ideas
  • Share teacher strategies for introducing code concepts to students
  • Get your coding questions answered by members of the community
  • Learn from experienced Tynker Educators on how to maximize the platform

And, of course, it’s gamified! When you take part in the forum, you get positive feedback for answering questions and earn badges for reaching new levels in the community.  

Check Out the Forum

Three things that make this community special: 

1. It’s gamified!

Taking part in the Tynker Community Forum is FUN! You earn badges for helping others and you have the power to help others reach higher levels by providing them with valuable feedback as well. 

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2. It promotes collaboration and builds relationships

No longer are you in a silo. Now you are part of a rich community of educators, working together to integrate computer science into your school in order to change the world!  Connect with others, find new ways to integrate these tools, and share your discoveries. Message each other to connect on a deeper level.   

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3. You can integrate with your social networks

If you want to share your questions and ideas to the larger socially-networked community, simply click the share button and bring your strategies to Facebook or Twitter. This invites the larger coding community as well, and can bring the conversation of coding out in the open.

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Daniel Rezac is the Education Community Manager at Tynker. He's been a science teacher, a technology coach, STEAM Coordinator, and school Tech Director working with students from Pre-K to adults. Feel free to reach out to him at daniel [at]