Check Out What’s New With Tynker This Fall!

Check Out What’s New With Tynker This Fall!
Last Updated: November 1, 2018 9:00 am

Check out what’s new with Tynker this fall!

By now, kids have likely settled into their school year routine: They’ve made new friends, learned their school schedules, and have probably decided what the best (and worst) options are on the school menu. The novelty of the new school year has started to wear off, and kids are starting to look forward to the holidays. But for most schools there’s still some time before harvest or winter breaks. How can you help your child stay engaged in learning after the initial excitement of returning to school has worn off?

Tynker can help! We’ve got lots of ways that kids can get excited about learning new skills. Learning how to code helps kids in so many areas of their lives, from improving math and writing skills as they practice logical reasoning to improving their communication as they consider how to break down large ideas into smaller pieces of information. Here are some of Tynker’s newest features:

1. Just added New Seasonal Activities

We’ve recently launched two new seasonal projects, Autumn Leaves and Spooky Brew, to help teach your kids programming concepts like physics, loops, cloning, advanced animation, and more! In Autumn Leaves, kids code a leaves-catching game by cloning 3 types of leaves that are each worth a different point value. In Spooky Brew, young coders will transform monsters by concocting their very own magical potions.

2. Battle with Friends in Crystal Clash – our newest multi-player game

In addition to our seasonal projects, we’re excited about Crystal Clash, Tynker’s newest multiplayer coding game that encourages kids to problem-solve as they create the best code to outsmart their opponents.

3. Learn JavaScript & Python with our new Code Editor

Our new Code Editor is just what your advanced coder has been waiting for. If your child is ready for real-world programming languages, they can use our code editor to edit JavaScript, Python, HTML, and CSS pages right in their browser. They can even preview their work as they are coding and publish with one click on Tynker!

4. Learn to code with Barbie

Tynker and Mattel have teamed up to provide the Barbie You Can be Anything Programming Experience. Explore six fun career paths and see how coding concepts apply to each choice, from robotics engineer to pastry chef. Kids can use programming to animate characters, compose music, tell stories, design games, and create art.

If your child is doing the “Learn at Home” course, for each career path they will complete a series of activities, a puzzle, a DIY module, and a quiz. They’ll also get a cool badge for completing the lesson. Tynker’s Barbie courses will help your young coder learn that if they can dream it, they can do it!

Whether your young coders are interested in augmented reality, coding drones, Minecraft, or Barbie’s programming experience, we’ve got you covered. Our interest-driven courses are sure to satisfy your child’s quest for fascinating coding content.  With so many great features, this fall season is a great time to explore what Tynker has to offer!

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