Announcing Tynker Holiday Code Jam Winners!

Announcing Tynker Holiday Code Jam Winners!

Our 2020 Tynker Holiday Code Jam has come to a close! Over 12,000 young coders from around the globe have competed over the course of this winter, and we now have 10 AWESOME WINNERS!

Our Holiday Code Jam, was just one part of Tynker’s Hour of Code in celebration of CSEdWeek. We were so impressed with the amazing entries this year and choosing our winners was no easy task! Learn more about our Hour of Code and then read below to meet our fantastic Grand Prize Winners!


Comet Zone by l e g s

Make an Arcade Game by Greninja

Christmas Soundscape by RCT1504

Dioretsa by StarBob

Future of Cyborgs: The Movie by K3VON

Christmas Corner by Oh God RK Run!

The Random Talent Show: Christmas Special by Cake Protector

Decorate the Christmas Tree by jj

Interactive Spirit Riding Free by Military House

Decorate the Christmas Tree! by Olivia Coder

All ten of our winners had amazing projects and we’re so proud of what they accomplished during this year’s Holiday Code Jam. We can’t wait to see what comes next from these coders in 2021!

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