• Community Highlights: 8/10-8/16

    Community Highlights: August 10-16 For many in our Tynker community, school has started! We hope the school year starts...

  • Genevieve Bell: Humanizing Technology

    Genevieve Bell: Humanizing Technology Dr. Genevieve Bell, an Australian-born anthropologist, has been an advocate for user-centered technology design at...

  • Community Highlights 8/3-8/9

    Community Highlights: August 3-9 This week we saw so many great projects from our users and exciting tweets! Read...

  • Community Highlights July 27-August 4

    Community Highlights: July 27-August 4 We love to see kids using their summer free time to code fantastic projects...

  • Cole Creates Worlds with Code!

     Cole Creates Worlds with Code! Featured Maker Cole is 10 years old and from the sunny state of California!...

  • How to Become a Featured Maker

        How to Become a Featured Maker “Oh my gosh, did I win something?!”  “Whoa, this is my first featured...

  • Community Highlights 7/20-7/26

    Community Highlights: July 20-July 26 We hope everyone is having a wonderful summer! In this week’s Community Highlights, learn...

  • Amelia Loves to Play and Create Games!

    Amelia Loves to Play and Create Games! We are proud to highlight Amelia as our newest Featured Maker! She is twelve years old and...

  • Community Highlights July 13-19

    Community Highlights: July 13-19 We’re so proud of our Tynker community this week! We’ve seen some amazing projects from...

  • Community Highlights July 6-12

    Community Highlights: July 6-12 There’s so much happening in the Tynker community, from fun events like the Wild Minecraft...


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