Seasonal Coding Projects

  • Tynker Sneak Peek Bug Catcher

    Build a Bug Catcher Game

    An easy game to get kids jazzed about programming is “Bug Catcher”, built by kids as they solve the...

  • Turing's Tower JetFighter

    Build a Parallax Scrolling Jetfighter Game

    Kids will have lots of fun building games this summer with our new Coding Adventures! Here’s an example of...

  • Tynker Glitch Manor Interactive Cartoon

    Build An Interactive Comic Cartoon

    Kids learn valuable programming skills as they create a variety of projects in our new Coding Adventures. Encourage creative...

  • Goblin Quest header

    Build a Classic Arcade-Style game

    We have even more to share from our new Coding Adventures! To make coding uber-fun for kids, we’ve integrated...

  • Tynker Scavenger Hunt

    Build a Scavenger Hunt Game

    Each game world in Tynker’s Coding Adventures draws kids in with an exciting new storyline. Kids are given a...

  • Tynker Mother's Day Card

    Happy Mother’s Day! We <3 You!

    To all women out there — whether you’re a mom, a teacher or a special friend and mentor —...

  • Turing's Tower Memory Game

    Build a Memory Game

    Kids love playing games — all kinds of games! Here’s another sneak peek you can share with your kids,...

  • Build your own top-down RPG

    In Tynker’s Coding Adventures, as kids explore each game world they will have the opportunity to build different types...

  • Build a Multi-Level Platformer Game

    In Tynker’s new Coding Adventures, available only on Kickstarter,  kids build different types of games as they explore each game...

  • Earth Day: Coding Games to Create Change

    Earth Day is celebrated around the world on April 22, and it’s a perfect time to raise our kids’...


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