Empower the Next Generation of Innovators

Draw Math Art

Fractals, spirographs and
space filling curves

Make Web Apps

Greetings, Internet mashups
and utilities

What can kids build with Tynker?

Anything they imagine!
Interface with Hardware

Program motors, LEDs,
speakers and more.

Build Custom Games

Sidescrollers, 2-player games
and physics games

Model Science Projects

Simulate Gravity, build a
water cycle, and more

Inspire Kids to Create at Home

Self-paced courses motivate kids to bring their ideas to life with fun projects, customizable graphics and creativity tools.
Built-in tutoring and guided lessons personalize the learning experience and enable kids to successfully learn and create on their own.

Recommended courses by age


Tynker for Tablets

Tynker's mobile apps let you learn basic programming concepts on iPads and Android-enabled tablets.

  • Learn to code by solving puzzles
  • Build games, stories and interactive animations
  • Web and mobile access to all your projects
  • Work offline without Internet access
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Gold Award

Editor's Choice

5 Stars for Engagement
5 Stars for Quality

"kids are introduced to coding with a simple, visual platform"

"reduces the complexity of the experience and starts with something fun"

"teaches children coding basics in a visual and accessible way."

Kids, Parents and Teachers love Tynker

When my 8-year-old showed me the projects he has created on Tynker, I was totally blown away! Brian G. Parent from Palo Alto CA
Tynker is an absolute success in our school!.. Teachers across Kentucky need to know about Tynker. Jeanine Kearbey Teacher from Craven Elementary School, KY
I tried Tynker for programming. I like... the freedom it gives you, and how I can make whatever I want, and show my animations to my friends. Ayann Student from KY

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