BEGINNER: No programming experience required

$50 One-time fee

Introduction to Programming

Kids learn programming while creating fun projects, and publish them to the web.

3rd grade and up

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With Tynker's visual, guided approach, kids of all ages can get started easily and learn on their own, at their own pace, with built-in tutoring to individualize the learning experience. Game-like lessons and badges incent and reward learning progress.

What Kids Do

  • Add motion and sound to characters
  • Design an animated avatar
  • Make a birthday card
  • Create cartoon stories
  • Create a music machine
  • Experiment with math art
  • Make an animated slideshow
  • Design and build different games: quiz,
    balloon-popping, and maze
  • Troubleshooting and debugging
  • And more!

What Kids Learn

As kids complete lessons and build a portfolio of projects they learn critical 21st century skills:

  • Programming concepts
  • Computational Thinking
    (Sequencing, Pattern Recognition, Automation)
  • Problem-solving, experimentation
  • Critical thinking & analysis
  • Creative expression
  • Adapting to new challenges

Programming Concepts

Examples from this course (over 200 code blocks available!)

Lifetime Access to Tynker's Creativity Suite

When kids get started with Tynker, they get ongoing access to tools and tutorials -- so they can continue learning and creating beyond the course to bring their ideas to life for years to come.

  • Visual Programming Workshop
  • Engaging Puzzles
  • Character Creator
  • Physics Engine
  • Rich Media Gallery
  • Art Studio

Start Visually, Move to Code

Transition to Mainstream Languages

With Tynker, students learn fundamental programming concepts like events, variables, loops, and functions, and principles of computational thinking. Once proficient, they can seamlessly transition to Javascript coding - within the Tynker learning system.