Growth Mindset and Code? This Chicago Teacher Says “Yes!”

Growth Mindset and Code? This Chicago Teacher Says “Yes!”

Growth mindset is becoming increasingly popular in our discussion of student motivation. Some teachers are starting to connect the dots as to how coding with Tynker can foster a growth mindset. One of the most important aspects of growth mindset is the idea that students can learn to persevere through challenges and setbacks.

Recently, Farrah Falco, of STEM Magnet Academy in Chicago, wrote an amazing post about how Tynker is affecting her students. She says of Tynker:

“With Tynker, students learn to be brave, fail, and to try.”

Persevering through adversity is perhaps one of the most important characteristics students can learn from programming. With Tynker, students learn to be problem solvers and they learn to be independent, while looking to their teachers for mentorship and higher order ideas.

Why do students love to code? Farrah explains in her post:

“[T]hey have an intrinsic drive to work on Tynker because it allows them to share a piece of themselves with the world, to see their ideas come to life, to let their voices be heard. And in the process, they foster a growth mindset by seeing for themselves that anything is possible when they throw themselves into it.”

To read the rest of Farrah’s post on EdTech Chronicle, go here.

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Daniel Rezac is the Education Community Manager at Tynker. He's been a science teacher, a technology coach, STEAM Coordinator, and school Tech Director working with students from Pre-K to adults. Feel free to reach out to him at daniel [at]